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My Background

I've found my love for music when I was at a very young age, playing the drums along to Brazillian, Reggae, soul, and jazz music. Since I was little, I grew up with a musical family, writing songs and making beats with my brother Ezra Imaizumi, and playing gigs together as well. I began to produce and manage after seeing how I could cultivate the talents of the artists around me. I have expanded my musical palette, as I am currently working with artists spanning across many different genres.  


Production             _

Manager                  _

January 2016 - ....          _

June 2017 - ...                 _

I've been producing for about 7 years.

Genres including : Rap, Pop, Rnb, Reggaeton, Latin

I Produce for all artists I have signed to my label:


Xander Ray

Lucho Ritmic


I manage the 5 artists above ^.


I manage the socials' profiles, distribute their music, and connect them with the photographers, editors, etc. Other jobs necessary for our promotions.

I've booked all of them multiple shows at Ardmore Music Hall, and in smaller venues around the Philadelphia area

Record Label Owner      _

January 2020 - ...            _

I started Zumi Records 4 years ago

I produce, manage, and promote all 5 artists, individually, as well as them as a group in the collaborative songs.


Central Montco Technical School

Music Production
Audio Engineering
Web/Graphic Design

I have taken these classes for 2 years at technical school.


I Work Logic Pro, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and more

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